Rewire. It Works.
What's your story?

Rewire has helped hundreds of individuals increase their capacity and transcend their self-imposed limitations. 

By making the world your proving ground we use the natural environment, including oceans, mountains, rivers, and deserts, to guide you on your journey and help you turn your life into a grand adventure.

People Will Talk

  • When I came to Rewire, I was out of shape, overweight, and experiencing the physical effects of a serious auto accident. Since beginning my training, my overall physical fitness has increased, my body composition has shifted dramatically, and I am on the way to a full recovery. The confidence I now have is something I will forever attribute to my experiences at Rewire.
    Diana Falk
  • It’s been an ever-changing experience with Rewire. They’ve made me realize I can do more then I ever imagined, not just physically, but they taught me how to deal with all sorts of obstacles that life sends your way. Through dedication and training and perseverance, I continue to grow with Rewire!
    Nathan Crair
  • Training with the Rewire group has changed my outlook on sports and in turn life. I never thought I would run up hiking trails, bike in traffic or practice cross counrty skiing on the streets of Santa Monica. Knowing that I have done it has made me feel more confident about starting a second career.
    Monica Nachshin
  • The most satisfying thing last night was feeling my body respond to the challenge. Even though it was a challenging night, I felt great and maybe on my way to being in the best shape of my life. It felt great to feel the change.
    Xavier Caceres
  • When I got a text from Tony that said, Meet me at the center. Bring trail shoes, a change of clothes and a helmet...I was hooked. Now I have no idea what to expect but I am never disappointed. There is always something in every hour, in every adventure that reminds me of why I Rewire.
    Mark Silver
  • At age 50, I've finally found a way to balance health, fitness and lifestyle. My endurance is higher than when I was in my 30s, plus I'm stronger and more fit than ever. I feel rejuvenated by Rewire. And I've learned about myself in the process. It's a great experience.
    Jamie Schwartzman