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Portable IHT – In order to increase performance, Rewire and Alto-Labs have developed a portable, affordable IHT unit that will allow you to simulate high altitude training in the comfort of your own living room. The unit is easy to use while providing a stimulus to your cardiovascular system, your core metabolism and your ability to handle physical and emotional stress.


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Product Description

The portable IHT breathing kit is the world’s most affordable personal altitude simulator, creating an opportunity to experience the benefits of  high altitude training without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to high altitudes. It’s unique design and compact size allows the unit to be used anywhere and requires no outside power.

The program is based on the principles of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), a recognized method for improving your body’s oxygen efficiency. When training for a specific event or adventure, each daily session lasts one hour and is repeated for a fifteen day cycle. The user then takes a fifteen day break during which the athletic event takes place. For continued benefits, individuals follow with a series of five day sessions separated by fifteen day breaks. As the number of five day sessions increase, users can train more intensely  and achieve greater levels of performance.

Kit contains: 1 – Finger clip heart rate & blood saturation monitor with lanyard, 2 AAA batteries & pouch; 5 – Hypoxic Silos; 4 – Mixers; 1 – Personal breathing kit with 1 air tube, 1 mask, 1 lid, 2 particle filters; 1 Carrying bag; 1 Breathing protocol sheet

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