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Admax contains extracts from the four plants that are considered primary adaptogens that have the most balancing effects on the body. Non-toxic with no negative side effects, this product has been carefully chosen by Rewire for our selective clientele.

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Product Description

Admax is a clinically-tested, plant-based adaptogen product that can increase the body’s resistance to stress factors and help it adapt to stressful conditions. Adaptogens do not target a specific area of the body but help create an overall state of balance (homeostasis).

Admax has been the subject to three clinical trials, including a full gene expression analysis. This study found that the product increases more than two fold the activity of two human genes: one that controls immune response and another that is a factor in the body’s energy production. The internationally recognized medical doctor, Anatoly G. Antoshechkin, M.D., PhD, carried out the research that led to the Admax formula. Dr. Antoshechkin is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, has worked at the Soviet Institute of Space Research, the Russian Institute of Molecular Genetics and as a scientific consultant to the Russian Olympic Committee.