Open A Rewire Center

Rejuvenate. Redefine. Rewire.

  • What's Required

    Most fitness/gym locations are dominated by the need for square footage, expensive equipment, locker facilities and a lounge. Rewire Rejuvenation Centers are more compact, strategic and efficient. By design, the Rewire program will be a licensed product requiring adherence to Rewire innovation, branding and quality control that can be launched in as little as 1,500 sq. ft. of space.
  • How It Works

    Rewire Centers are not self serve, walk-in locations. Individuals will make appointments with their facilitator based on the needs of their program. Each center will require a single staff person to answer phones, set schedules, receive inquiries and provide support for clients. Additionally, the centers can choose to employ training staff based on a full time or a by appointment system as traffic requires.
  • Operations

    Rewire Rejuvenation Centers serve the needs of various populations based on individual goals and expectations. Entry point, packaging and pricing are based on a predetermined set of services chosen for each of the population segments. Individual categories can be adjusted depending on location, perceived opportunities and demographic necessity.
  • Add Rewire

    In as little as 750 sq.ft., you can add a Rewire Satellite to your existing Chiropractic, Physical Therapy or Medical practice providing your patients with a trusted, proven brand for fitness, adventure and rejuvenation.

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