Questing (Adventure Travel)


Whether climbing Cordillera Blanca in Peru or the corporate ladder in Century City, Rewire training prepares you for the unexpected in your everyday.

Whether you want to learn to roll a kayak, get ready for a mountain ascent, or rappel down a canyon wall, Rewire prepares you for the challenges that change your state of being. ┬áSInce 1995, Rewire has organized adventures for our clients to some of the most hallowed destinations on the planet. We’ve led expeditions to places as far away Killimanjaro and as close as the local Santa Monica Mountains. We specialize in choosing the right adventure, making all of the arrangements and getting you ready for the time of your life.

Life Changing Experiences

  • Travel

    We have a variety of Adventure Travel options open to you. Depending on what kind of challenge you're looking for, you can climb Mt. Whitney via the Mountaineer's Route in preparation for Rewire's annual Mt. Kilimanjaro climb or you can take the Lake Arrowhead snowshoe and ice-skating weekend in preparation for the Mt. Baldy 10,000 foot winter ascent for example. Whatever you choose, you can count on each adventure outing being a unique experience as you discover astonishing natural beauty and mix with your fellow fitness-training adventurers.
  • Training

    Prepare for performance. Our nationally recognized Adventure Training Workshops will definitely challenge you. You'll experience exciting and unique ways to test yourself, both individually and as part of a team. We offer our workshops at different times throughout the year. They are fully inclusive and open to members and guests.
  • Mental

    Although there is no way to know what will happen when you take your first step up a legendary mountain peak, testing yourself during the days and weeks before mentally prepares your for success. Knowing that you have conquered your limitations and your fears in training will transform your adventure experience from fear to freedom.
  • Spiritual

    Standing at the top of the world, looking out over eternity and back over your adventure is life affirming. Working as a team, trusting yourself and giving to others elevates even the most extreme challenges into once in a lifetime experiences. Things are never the same again. And isn't that really what it's all about?

Schedule an Adventure

Every year Rewire chooses a calendar of events that lead to a big adventure. Individual challenges, local events and regional travel prepare you for the life changing experiences we plan for our clients. Check the calendar in the Rewire Center and commit to your next adventure now.