Power Plate

Natural HGH stimulation


Vibration training was used in the1960s to help Russian Cosmonauts cope with the negative effects of microgravity and set a record of 420 days compared to American astronauts who returned home after just 120 days in space. The cosmonauts, who ordinarily would have suffered severe loss of strength and bone density after their space mission, noticed considerably fewer side effects and were also able to recover more quickly.

Thirty years later, after staggering results using vibration training, the Dutch Olympic coach Guus van der Meer developed the first version of the Power Plate converting the previous unwieldy and impractical machines used in whole body vibration into a compact, efficient and user-friendly piece.


Power Plate International and its distributors around the world set and maintain the gold standard in the whole body vibration category. The multi-directional Advanced Vibration Technologyâ„¢ is grounded in years of extensive academic and independent scientific research. Further studies are being conducted in the US, Europe and Asia, which indicate significant positive benefits across multiple biophysical factors as a result of vibration training.


While many fitness centers installed a power plate-like machine, very few know exactly why or how to effectively integrate vibration training into their member/client programs. At Rewire, there is an established protocol for the Power Plate that can increase strength and the natural production of HGH in just fifteen minutes of vibration training.


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