Nutrition (Cellular Supplementation)

The key to long term wellness

In a perfect world all of our physical and dietary needs would be met by the activity and the nutritional value of our lifestyle choices. Unfortunately our world is far from perfect. In our current high stress, fast food environment, the need for supplementation to augment daily caloric intake for optimal nutrition is just as important as a consistent exercise program.

With over 300 theories of aging, cellular supplementation seeks to combat, augment, reduce, fortify and protect our bodies from disease, pain, inflammation and aging. As this construct explodes globally so do the myriad of supplement choices available to the consumer.

Rewire Project utilizes the latest in research from the top fields including bio gerontology, experimental biology, regenerative medicine, hypoxia and clinical nutrition to create an optimal supplement profile to drive cellular health.

At Rewire we address rejuvenation, longevity, cognitive and emotional health, stress reduction and immune function with a custom supplement program chosen from the following options.

Plant Based Adaptogens: increase your endurance to physical stress by an average of 12%


Intermittent Caloric Restriction: promote longevity, fat loss and human growth hormone (HGH) production with caloric restriction and optimal nutrition (CRON)


Liquid Meal Replacement: 4 to 8 ounces per day of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, walnuts and green tea to decrease cognitive decline and promote antioxidant defense


Tissue Hypoxia Defender (THD:-metabolically stress-activated to stop the path to weight gain, insulin resistance and pain


  • Weight Loss

    Weight loss and weight management is more than just the right combination of diet and exercise. A specifically designed program of nutritional supplementation, Intermittent Caloric Restriction (ICR) and meal replacement products can help you accelerate your progress and eliminate yo you dieting forever.
  • Metabolosm

    Nutritional supplementation can help stabilize your metabolism, eliminate the highs and lows of caloric intake and create a sense of internal order. The right supplements can enhance your Rewire program for better, more permanent changes in your body, your moods and your performance.
  • Sleep

    As out lives get more complicated and schedules get tighter the need for deep restorative sleep is imperative. There are several nutritional supplements that can work together with your Rewire program to help you achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and give you a better night's sleep.