NMA (Neuro Muscular Activation)

Neuro Muscular Activation


Neuro Muscular Activation (NMA) is a hands-on discipline whereby certified specialists improve the body to open optimum communication so each muscle will function properly. In real language NMA is a lot like a combination of alignment, deep tissue work, pressure point activity and observational diagnostics.

After the age of 30, we lose approximately 3 – 8% of muscle mass per decade and this rate of decline accelerates after the age of 60.  As this loss of muscle occurs, it gets replaced with fat! Muscle doesn’t turn into fat it just disappears and gets replaced in the body composition with fat.

NMA counteracts the effects of aging and loss of muscle function improving the ability of the musculo-skeletal system to handle unexpected loads while improving the unconscious contraction capacity of the muscular system.


NMA sessions are a specific and unique process to assess and treat an individual’s strength, range of motion and protective mechanisms developed as a response to past health history. The body responds by developing stability and functionality that regular cardiovascular and resistance exercise alone cannot produce.

Priming the neuromuscular system for optimal health and function creates a new access to functional movements that were previously underdeveloped or non-existent. NMA increases the efficiency of the muscular system to contract on demand, which decreases inflammation while increasing physical performance and injury prevention.


If you’re looking to tune up your body, recover faster from an injury, diminish the chances of getting injured and or increase performance and functional capacity, think of NMA as your secret weapon.

Your time spent in NMA sessions includes an assessment of the mechanical integrity of your body that provides a framework on which to base your force workout prescription. You can then effectively jumpstart your body through graded isometrics and precision activation techniques.


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