IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training)

Intermittent Hypoxic Training


Training at high altitudes has long been the secret of elite athletes across the globe. Although results vary by individual many experience the benefits of an increased number of red blood cells, a chemical change within red blood cells that makes them more efficient at unloading oxygen to the tissues and an increase in the number of mitochondria and oxidative enzymes. These responses can increase performance and help retard the aging process.

Training at high altitude however is at best impractical. With Intermittent Hypoxic Training- IHT, Rewire Centers offer the next best thing. All you have todo is breathe.  The protocol increases your energy and stamina to access stored calories and protect you against cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, muscle loss and dementia.


A one-hour Rewire IHT session is roughly the equivalent to performing 3– 4 aerobic training sessions.  Even without exercise IHT stimulates the brain and body with a call to action and a feeling of well being that increases the body’s ability to run more efficiently providing a signaling pathway in the brain that equals a rejuvenation experience.

These results have been proven and repeated by observational and performance studies across the globe.


Rewire Project utilizes state of the art computerized commercial IHT that delivers:

‣ Easy and pleasant use with a touch screen interface.

‣ Fully automated biofeedback control

‣ Automated hypoxic test for an optimal user profile and training course

‣ Oxygen is supplied during the rest intervals via the same breathing mask

‣ Entertainment built-into the system

‣ Printouts of results are provided and stored in your profile


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