RPM (Rewire Project Method)

Rewire Project Method


The Rewire Project Method (RPM) is where it all comes together. All of your NMA, IHT and bioDensity™ work acts as a foundation for your highly individualized training which begins with where you are right now in order to set realistic long term goals and create a short term path to help get your there. RPM replaces generic high volume training with an actual assessment of each person’s gross and fine motor biomechanics with series of force movements and modalities designed specifically for fitness, health and rejuvenation.


  • Strength

    Working primarily with your own body weight against gravity, there are over 120 optimal force moves guaranteeing micro-progression for individualized performance. The use of inertia and momentum via the RPM sliders opens a unique and novel window for motor growth and central nervous system adaptation. You’ll get stronger, and fitter faster with long lasting gains in strength, stamina, and postural integrity.
  • Agility

    By maintaining stability while exerting force, your body naturally develops agility that benefits you throughout every moment of your life. Many injuries can be prevented by the development of these agile modalities, as the body is forced to use the proper muscles to perform required movements.
  • Endurance

    Overall health improves through increased endurance by subjecting the body to specific movements designed to deliver results. As your endurance increases, the workout prescription is modified to continue the development process in other areas. Ultimately, the new levels of endurance translate into the ability to take on new challenges in sports, athletics and adventures.