It’s All About You

Rewire Project
Advanced Rejuvenation Centers


At Rewire the most important piece of equipment is not the treadmill or the Power Plate or the Bio Density platform. The most important equipment in the gym is you.

The human body is the most amazing machine on the planet. It can out think a super computer, out run a cheetah, out lift a crane and out perform a trained dolphin with every step, every thought and every breath.


Unfortunately for most of us, past history, limiting beliefs and current lifestyle choices has interfered with most if not all of those abilities. So the metabolic tools, fitness systems and rejuvenation services that are at the core of the Rewire program have been chosen to return the infinite capacity to your body that has been taken from you by time, injury and lifestyle choices.

Each center is a direct reflection of that “get back” philosophy. Whether you are trying to get your body back, or you are determined to create a body that you have never lived in before, the methodology is the same, the tools are the same, the only thing that’s different is your commitment, desire and determination. We know what to do to get you rewired. The rest is up to you.

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RPM (Rewire Project Method)

TRAIN BETTER. TRAIN SMARTER. The Rewire Project Method (RPM) is where it all comes together. All of
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BioDensity (Skeletal Development)

Force production is the amount of power that can be exerted against resistance for a predetermined l
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Power Plate

IN SPACE Vibration training was used in the1960s to help Russian Cosmonauts cope with the negative e
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IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training)

EFFECTIVE Training at high altitudes has long been the secret of elite athletes across the globe. Al
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Rewire has found that cryotherapy can provide a boost to the immune system and energy levels that wi
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NMA (Neuro Muscular Activation)

IMPROVED CONDITION Neuro Muscular Activation (NMA) is a hands-on discipline whereby certified specia
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Nutrition (Cellular Supplementation)

In a perfect world all of our physical and dietary needs would be met by the activity and the nutrit
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Questing (Adventure Travel)

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE Whether climbing Cordillera Blanca in Peru or the corporate ladder in Century C
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